A Breakthrough Approach to
Supporting Your Child’s Success and Confidence

Only Role Model Mentors help parents support the “whole child,” reinforcing academic and extracurricular competency in addition to emotional and social growth, helping children develop the skills and confidence required to succeed in school as well as life.

Committed to Your Child’s Overall Success

Our unique approach matches amazing High School students, athletes, musicians and artists in your community with elementary and middle school students based on shared interests and compatibility.

Our mentors quickly become someone your child looks up to.

Their positive reinforcement and support helps improve study habits and grades, capability in sports and extracurricular activities, and defines a clear way to navigate the social challenges your child may face both in and out of the classroom.
The Trinkaus Family

“My family loves our mentor Rebecca. My daughters look forward to their time together. Rebecca was so helpful in helping to organize their school work and making the transition to middle school an easy one. I love that my daughters look up to a well-rounded bright, kind young woman. They play sports, do community service and sometimes just hang out. I would highly recommend RMM!” — Sheila D

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Fractions and Free Throws

For Parents

Michael is improving his grades in math and enjoys shooting hoops with Ryan after they get his homework done.

Excel In Math
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Guitar Hero

For Parents

Thomas is a gifted guitar player who enjoys teaching Will how to play, jamming together on songs they learn together each week.

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Amazing Results

4.9 out of 5 Client Satisfaction rating on Facebook!

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Be The Boss

For Mentors

Mitch worked at the grocery store, but had trouble fitting in the shifts they needed. Now he manages his clients and schedule, earning money and valuable experience despite his busy schedule.

Find Out If You’ve Got What It Takes
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Good Habits

For Parents

Brett lacks discipline, and has trouble studying and getting homework done. Brian helps him get organized and focused on his schoolwork, and when he does, they get to throw the ball around too

Develop Study Skills
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Top Universities

Past Role Model Mentors have gone on to attend many of the top 25 universities in the country.

How we help your college app
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Score In School + Soccer

For Parents

Anna helps Sophie on the field and in the classroom with sessions mixing homework and backyard soccer drills.

Develop Your Child’s Sport Skills
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Build Confidence

Mentors support “the whole child,” reinforcing confidence and helping younger kids navigate the complexities of growing up.

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Be a Positive Influence to Others

For Mentors

Ed was looking to make a difference in the world, and he didn’t want to wait. Being able to help Sam, a 5th grader, do better in school and develop self-esteem was the most rewarding thing he had ever done.

Make a Difference
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Prepare for High School

For Parents

Fiona loves school, but she sometimes doesn’t get as much out of it as she, or I would like. Her mentor Eva challenges her with more advanced work, pushing her forward and preparing her to shine in honors and AP courses when she gets to High School.

Advance Academically
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Learn from College Athletes

Many of our mentors are committed or intend to play sports at the D1 or D3 level.

Train With Top Athletes

At-Home Convenience

Mentors come to you, giving you a night off from driving and taking the homework battle off your hands.

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Make The Team

For Parents

Julia loved lacrosse, and wanted more than anything to make the A team. Caitlin worked with her one-on-one to improve her skills and game IQ, and now she’s a starting middie and beams with pride!

Get Help With Sports

Tell Us About Your Child’s Needs

Each client receives a mentor custom matched specifically to their child’s unique interests and goals.

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Master a Foreign Language

For Parents

Peter, an A student, struggled with C’s in Spanish. By practicing and doing homework with Cassie, he received an A the very next semester, and looks forward to their sessions each week.

Get Started

Better Outcomes. Lower Cost.

Many clients report better outcomes with a mentor than previous experiences with an adult tutor or teacher.

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Ace it in the Arts

For Parents

Lucy exhibited talent and a love of painting at an early age. Pairing her with Kate, one of the most talented artists in our High School, helped propel her skill and passion to the next level.

Get help With Visual and Performing Arts
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Get Ready to
Rule Middle School!

For Parents

We were nervous about Abby’s transition to middle school, but as soon as Liz started mentoring her, she was able to handle all of the new challenges that came her way.

Find Mentors Near You

Stand Out From Your Peers

For Mentors

Sharon played two sports, was involved in four clubs and was in the top 10% of her class… just like 50,000 other juniors in the U.S.. Mentoring helped her common application stand out, and gave her a compelling topic for her essay. Hello Michigan!

Become a Mentor


By hiring a Role Model Mentor, you’re not only helping your child, you’re giving an entrepreneurial opportunity to a terrific teen right in your community.

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Football + Friendship

For Parents

Robert teaches football skills with positive reinforcement, helping Timmy build both his competence and confidence.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Rock Robotics
and Conquer Coding

For Parents

Aaron was really into STEM, but he felt excluded in school. Sean, who plans to attend Stanford to study computer science, helped him see the value in his passions and himself, while working on amazing projects together.

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