Our Mission:

Bring the power of positive influence to the world.

We believe self-confidence, empathy, resilience, and social and emotional intelligence, are critical to childhood happiness, adult success… and humanity itself.

Unfortunately, many of these components of character are under assault for our children today.

  1. The average onset age of childhood anxiety in our country is age 6
  2. Teen employment is at the lowest level in over 40 years
  3. Our children are over-parented, over-scheduled, and over-medicated
  4. Parenting is increasingly treated like a competitive sport
  5. Social media is scoring every moment of their lives
  6. Keyboard communication is suppressing empathy
  7. Abhorrent adult behavior is widespread, from politics to “reality” tv stars to youth sports sidelines
  8. Little time for free/creative play and social interaction

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Does anybody have a map?

While the importance of character and social and emotional intelligence (SEL) is being increasingly recognized, the majority of education and extracurricular time is spent on cognition and physical skill development.

Before kids can succeed in school, sports, music, the arts, and life in general, they need to believe in themselves, have empathy towards others, and develop critical SEL skills such as self-control, resilience and dealing with adversity.

Role Model Mentors is developing the products, programs, services, and resources to help children develop these skills so they can thrive academically, athletically, creatively, and socially. We have discovered that for children grades K-8, the power of positive influence from a “near-peer,” an older high school student who was just there a few years ago, is incredibly powerful in helping younger students contend with and overcome the challenges they face... TODAY, and for the rest of their lives.

Our mentors and the impact of positive influence

Their positive influence can help your child improve everything from their grades to their skills, to their attitude and outlook, starting with the very first session.

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Our mentors are carefully screened, high-achieving students with varied academic strengths and extracurricular interests. They are more relatable than adult tutors, youth sports trainers, and music teachers, and unlike adults, they are able to offer dynamic sessions including homework and academic support, sports, music, art or other activities.

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Our mentors also benefit from a rewarding, entrepreneurial work experience while developing critical skills including leadership, communication, and empathy. These are exactly the skills they need to succeed in high school, college and beyond while helping them stand out on their college application.

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Most importantly, they develop a supportive relationship, as mentors understand the social challenges, pressures, and struggles their mentees face. Because younger students naturally look up to older students, especially those who share their interests and life experiences, they are uniquely suited to helping them build their confidence and resilience, giving them a glimpse of what they can look forward to when they get older, along with an idea of how to get there.

"My son absolutely loved it. After his session, he just said, 'Wow! He really showed me how to do my math, when is my next session and can we increase the time?!' I just about fell over. This is coming from my child who rolls his eyes and gave us drama any time he has to do homework!"

— Facebook customer review

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