This Is How
We Role.

Our family’s own positive experience with high school mentors, in academics, sports and theater, motivated us to start Role Model Mentors. As parents, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your children shine. We discovered not long ago that this is a natural outcome when our kids are paired with role models who have worked hard toward their goals in their high school years.

It’s important to us that Role Model Mentors provides meaningful work to high achieving high school students, where young adults come to know that sharing their talents with elementary and middle school children has great value. On top of that, our community-based business model teaches mentors entrepreneurial skills and offers the opportunity to give back to their communities by donating their hours. We in turn make these hours available to families in need of mentoring without the means to pay through our scholarship program.

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Role Model Mentors is a For Profit Social Enterprise (or FOPSE). This enables us to create and scale this amazing program, benefitting mentors, mentees, families and communities as a whole, while making it affordable. Our hourly rates are a fraction of the cost of professional tutors, sports training or music teachers.

We have no doubt families who sign on with Role Model Mentors will discover, like we did, the power of Positive+ Influence. It’s simply one of the most incredible ways to support your children’s unique needs and development and to help each child see, up close, real life examples of confidence, character and success as a young adult.

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