About Our Mentors

Role Model Mentors attracts top students, athletes, artists and musicians from local high schools. These young adults are uniquely suited to help younger students, as they exemplify being well rounded, with good grades as well as extracurricular interests and pursuits.

Unique Matching Process
Because mentors are from the same community and schools, and matched based on shared interests, they are easier to relate to. Additionally, the dynamic sessions they create are far more engaging than long sessions focused on just homework or sports training. This leads to a much different outcome and a longer, more beneficial relationship than is typically achieved with an adult tutor, teacher or trainer.
Thoroughly Screened Candidates
We screen each of our mentors to ensure they have excellent grades, along with talent and dedication to the extracurricular activities they list. Every one of our mentors must be a matriculated high school student in good standing, and we check both peer and adult references prior to matching them. In addition, a member of our team interviews each mentor prior to approval.
Ongoing Mentor

Training and Support
We also provide training and support to help our mentors plan and deliver a successful, ongoing mentoring relationship that achieves the results their clients seek. Each one of our talented mentors has made a personal pledge to be a positive influence on younger students in their community.
Our Promise to You
Our confidence in the character and talent of our mentors is what enables us to offer our service with a no risk, 100% money back guarantee in the event your mentor does not exceed your expectations.