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We live in the same town. We attended the same schools, rode the same buses, and played the same video games. We faced the same challenges -- academically, socially, and athletically.

Our success was not a given. But we worked hard and made good decisions. And now, we're ready to share with your child what we've learned along the way.

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Role Model Mentors matches high school students like us with younger children in the community so that we can develop unique friendships

We connect with mentees in ways that parents or other caregivers can't. We learn from each other. We respect each other. We impart meaningful skills to our mentees, from academics to sports, music, or dance. And all the while, we model what self-confidence, integrity, and good manners look like.

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Our plans work on a monthly subscription model:

Monthly Membership - Easy Payment Plans

Our base plans include up to five hours of mentoring per month, per child. Session length can vary from as little as an hour to a whole morning or afternoon on a weekend.
We recommend 12-15 hours per month for children who receive sports, music or art mentoring in addition to academic support.
For children receiving academic support and mentoring in multiple activities, or those seeking more intense tutoring or training, 15 or more hours per month may be advisable, which may be provided by one or more mentors.
We charge a one-time match fee of $50 to find you the mentor that's right for your child.

Risk-Free Trial

We are so confident that you will love having a mentor for your child that we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your mentor during the first month, we will provide a new mentor, at no additional cost to you. If you are still unhappy with our service, we will refund your monthly payment as well as your match fee.

Month-to-Month Plan
Monthly Billing
$25 Per Hour
As low as
$125 Per Month
Annual Contract
Monthly Billing
$22.50 Per Hour
As low as
$112.50 Per MonthSave $150 or more!
Annual Contract
Annual Billing
$20 Per Hour
As low as
$1,200 for the Whole YearSave $300 or more!

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An important aspect of Role Model Mentors is supporting key members of your community, including families and high school students.

Role Model Mentors offers high school students meaningful work, provides families invaluable support for their children, and our scholarship program enables high school students to donate their time for community service credits, while enabling us to provide free or subsidized mentoring to families who can't otherwise afford it.

We do this because, well, it's the right thing to do. To learn more about our scholarship program, please give us a call.


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Why do we have mentors in our adult life, but not as children? We don't know, but we're hoping to change that for good. Mentors are so important - they can teach just like tutors, coaches and teachers, but they do much more. When you learn from someone you relate to and admire, you learn more, you enjoy learning more, and you build a long-lasting relationship.

With Role Model Mentors, you get all of these benefits for your child, for a fraction of the cost of an adult tutor, music teacher or sports coach/trainer. Plus you get the convenience of mentoring right in your home, while employing a terrific H.S. student from your own community.

Take a look at some of these amazing students, and you'll see why we're so excited for you to enroll. We can't wait to find the perfect match for your child!

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"We've been matched with a young leader who is strong academically, plays varsity soccer, and most importantly is just a genuinely positive and kind person."

-Megan and Chris Couri



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Olivia Hynes
Noah Goldstein
Erin Taverna
Gabby D'Ostilio
Chege Mungai

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