Be a mentor


It’s a busy life. Homework. Sports. Job. And on top of all of it, the pressure of getting into a top school. But what if there was a way to earn good money and bolster your college resume?

Role Model Mentors offers paid meaningful work as you mentor a child in your community.* You’ll learn new skills, develop as a leader and teacher, and make a positive difference for a family in your town. And, you’ll watch your mentee grow and mature before your eyes.

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Our high school students make a big difference with the younger kids they mentor. We do our work at the homes of our client families. Here are just a few examples of our mentoring services:

Academic Support

  • homework assistance
  • prepping for a math quiz or spelling test
  • reading together
  • supplemental online learning (e.g. Khan Academy)


  • enjoying a lax toss or kicking the soccer ball around
  • teaching how to make a proper layup in hoops
  • throwing the baseball or football together

Arts and Music

  • running some lines together for the child’s school play
  • playing guitar or piano or any instrument
  • providing some guidance on an art project


  • coding, developing, and designing apps
  • building robots, working with CAD software and 3D printing
  • science experiments of all kinds

Having Fun and Making a Strong Bond

  • Sometimes it’s just hanging out playing chess, board games, or cards
  • Or just talking about life

*Mentors are paid for each hour of mentoring time they provide their client, and operate as an independent contractor. Your hourly rate may go up over time based on your performance and feedback from clients. You may also choose to volunteer your time for community service credit in lieu of pay, and we make those hours available to families who need mentoring but cannot afford it.

We are a rapidly growing company, and mentors may also have opportunities to participate in marketing, operations, and business strategy consulting. In addition, we reward mentors who facilitate sign up of additional mentors and clients. It’s a tremendous learning experience that will shine on any college application or resumé.