The Mentor Effect

10 Reasons Why Mentoring is More Effective Than Tutoring

More Dynamic
Sessions involving multiple activities (e.g. homework, studying plus a sport or music) are a better fit for young attention spans, especially after a day at school.
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More Relatable
Someone who is a kid like you, who “gets it” vs. another adult telling you what to do and how to do it.
“Whole Child”
We contribute to success both in and out of the classroom, including dealing with social issues and challenges, balancing school and life, managing technology, manners and respect, and “hacks” relative to the school, teachers, coaches and situations that we are familiar with because we were just there.
$20 to $25 per hour vs $75-$150 per hour. Multiple benefits from each session (academic plus sports, music and the arts) vs. having to pay for
 these things separately.
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Not just a transaction, but a long-term relationship that can last a lifetime and bring value far into the future, well after the formal mentoring relationship ends.
Role Model
Someone to look up to. They are practicing what they preach and making it admirable to work hard in school and at the things they want to be good at. They’re polite. They’re focused. Well-rounded. They have the right priorities. They look an awful lot like the kid you hope your child becomes when they’re in High School.
In your home, at the library or other places with adult supervision. After school, evenings or weekends. Works with your schedule. Progress can be made in as little as 1 - 2 hours
per week.
Positive reinforcement and encouragement leads not only to competence improvement, it also builds confidence and self esteem. Mentors help mentees recognize their gifts and celebrate what makes them unique.
Focus &
Sessions involving multiple activities (e.g. homework/studying plus a sport or music) are a better fit for young attention spans, especially after a day at school.
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Benefit The Community
When you employ a terrific high school student in your community, you help them develop important skills like leadership, responsibility, and empathy, while supporting their college ascension. Your child can be a mentor one day when they are in High School!