Get real world experience
for college while inspiring
kids and earning cash.

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Be an Entrepreneur and Make a Difference

Mentor a younger student in academics and activities you both enjoy, such as sports, music or hobbies. Earn money, valuable experience, and differentiate your college application in as little as one hour per week.

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Numerous Ways
to Earn

In addition to getting paid for each hour you mentor, you can also earn cash through our referral programs and more!
• Refer other mentors
• Recruit new clients
• Apply to an internship for cash or for credit
• Earn one of our many scholarships
• Work as a social media ambassador, photographer, or help with marketing and PR to gain real world experience

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Make a Difference
in your Community

Mentors offer a valuable service to our community. Whether you choose to mentor and receive compensation or volunteer your time for community service credit, you can be proud that you’re making a difference.

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Enhance Your
College Application

You may be aware that getting into a top college is harder than it’s ever been. As a Role Model Mentor, your college application will stand out. We also offer numerous awards and recognition opportunities that can really help your application shine, and make your dream school become a reality.

Some of our Talented, Positive+ Mentors

Higher Learning

Our Mentors have graduated to these colleges!

Role Model Mentors involves leadership, responsibility, entrepreneurship and communication skills, along with empathy and a desire to help others. These are exactly the characteristics we seek in our students.

Pam T. - Director of University Admissions