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How it Works

Role Model Mentors matches young students with positive, high-achieving high school mentors based on your child’s academic support needs, as well as shared interest in sports, music, art or hobbies. Your talented mentor creates customized, engaging sessions that your child will look forward to, with someone they can relate to.

Success Stories

We help young students, from kindergarten through 8th grade, with skill development and positive reinforcement to build capability, character, and confidence.

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Gavin, Grade 5

Mentor: Andrew

Andrew has been a gem for our Gavin. Gavin has many strengths, but felt he wasn't up to par with friends. His friends value athletics, and Gavin is great at technology and music. With Andrew’s help, Gavin felt empowered by his musical talent and started a band. Now each week those "athletes" come over to jam. It is like having a big brother who thinks you are really cool. What an amazing feeling!

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Emma, Grade 8

Mentor: Rachel

Rachel connected with Emma immediately, helping her improve in math by two grades within a month. She is responsible, empathetic, honest, and has the most wonderful positive energy. Our daughter looks forward to every meeting because Rachel has a way of making hard work seem effortless. She has been a gift to our family!

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Sam, Grade 6

Mentor: Conor

Conor has been an incredibly responsible young man and is always very kind, insightful, and wise. Conor helped Sam so much, giving sound advice about being responsible for his actions and choices as he heads to high school, while enjoying their shared passion for sports and doing homework together. I am a clinical social worker and have yet to experience a young man mentor a student with such care, kindness, and dedication.

Some of our Talented, Positive+ Mentors

Plans & Pricing

Our base plans include up to five hours of mentoring per month, per child. Session length can vary from an hour or two to a whole morning or afternoon on a weekend. We recommend 10-12 hours per month for children who receive sports, music or art mentoring in addition to academic support. For children receiving academic support and mentoring in multiple activities, or those seeking more intense tutoring or training, 15+ hours per month may be advisable, which may be provided by one or more mentors. We charge a one-time match fee of $50 to find the perfect mentor for your child.

Your risk-free trial is guaranteed.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your child’s mentoring experience that we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your mentor within the first month, we will provide a new mentor at no additional cost to you. If you are still unhappy with your second mentor, we will refund all of your money including the original match fee.