Help your child succeed in
school, sports and life

Imagine the advantages of your child having a mentor who was in their exact position just a few years ago.

Get your child the guidance of an all-star local high school student who excels in any activity or interest where your child can use a trusted role model to help them develop their talent
 and confidence.

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Our amazing team of carefully selected mentors will help your elementary or middle school child achieve your chosen goals and gain the skills and confidence to succeed in and out of the classroom for the rest of their lives.

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Improve Grades

Help your child understand any subject better by pairing them with expert mentors skilled in language, math, science and more. Our mentors can give your child the knowledge to tackle any challenge and improve their grades now and in the future.

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Sharpen Athletic Skills

Does your child want to make the team or grow their hobby into something more? Mentors who have spent years training as athletes in sports such as basketball and lacrosse can act as personal coaches and give your child a leg up on the court or the field.

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Improve social skills and
gain confidence

By connecting your child with a relatable role model to look up to, you can help them engage more socially. Our mentors are active leaders and members in school and local communities, who can help your child overcome the challenges they face in school and in life.

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Develop Better Habits,
Focus, and Organization Skills

Give your child the tools and tips to form productive habits and discipline, learned from a mentor who has the time management and organization skills it takes to balance school, extracurricular activities and friends.

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Advance Talent

Accelerate your child’s talents in sports, science or the arts. A high school mentor can expand your child’s horizons by introducing them to more advanced methods and skills in a relevant way due to their closeness in age and
 shared passions.

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Nurture Unique Gifts

Help your child recognize their unique gifts and see how they can contribute to the world. Our mentors unlock your child’s fullest potential through one-on-one sessions, encouraging them to explore their talents and interests through meaningful activities, conversations and
 positive reinforcement.

How It Works

Through our guided process, we pair your child with preferred mentors who can be a role model, tutor, and life coach all-in-one. Choose an area your child needs help with, and our powerful matching system takes care of the rest. See improvements with affordable, planned sessions in just a few hours each week.


Smart Mentor
Matching System

Tell us your child’s skills, interest and needs, so we can match your child with the right mentor whose abilities relate to your child’s goals to provide the right positive influence.


Planned, Custom Sessions

For Your Child’s Needs

Simply pick 1 - 2 days of the week for your child’s mentoring sessions. Your talented mentor will assess your child’s needs to create a customized program, planning engaging sessions that your child will look forward to.


Whole Child Support

Our Role Model Mentors provide positive reinforcement for your children outside of the classroom, preparing them to contend with modern day challenges of social media and other social pressures.

Positive Learning
Goes A Long Way

Sessions are just $25 per hour, which is far less than the cost of hiring an adult tutor, music teacher or sports trainer.
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Mentors can make a difference in as few as five hours per month. Our program is guaranteed and you may cancel at
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Save up to $5 per hour, when you secure your mentorship with a yearly subscription, saving up to $500 or more annually.

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Success Stories

Mentors support the “whole child”, combining the benefits of a tutor, a sports trainer, and a music teacher with other extracurricular development for a fraction of the cost of adults, while providing better results.

Andrew ethan guitar 80212c6b99521525df0b55c67255275cf3c5dd17645d6e9d1c3fc2d00b148c9f

Gavin, Grade 5

Mentor: Andrew

Andrew has been a gem for our Gavin. Gavin has many strengths, but felt he wasn't up to par with friends. His friends value athletics, and Gavin is great at technology and music. With Andrew’s help, Gavin felt empowered by his musical talent and started a band. Now each week those "athletes" come over to jam. It is like having a big brother who thinks you are really cool. What an amazing feeling!

Rachel emma 28b3d179beb614edf3db119c07bab9c051684c124d9a8bc34851233889861e00

Emma, Grade 8

Mentor: Rachel

Rachel connected with Emma immediately, helping her improve in math by two grades within a month. She is responsible, empathetic, honest, and has the most wonderful positive energy. Our daughter looks forward to every meeting because Rachel has a way of making hard work seem effortless. She has been a gift to our family!

Sam martin and conor flanagan be31ff61ac244fefbdeb4de92783a64fe4e49d2020c78c61e26b5fab8cba9e8e

Sam, Grade 6

Mentor: Conor

Conor has been an incredibly responsible young man and is always very kind, insightful, and wise. Conor helped Sam so much, giving sound advice about being responsible for his actions and choices as he heads to high school, while enjoying their shared passion for sports and doing homework together. I am a clinical social worker and have yet to experience a young man mentor a student with such care, kindness, and dedication.

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If you are not happy at any time during your first month, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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