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Parenting can be hard, and so can
being a kid.

Research shows * the positive influence of a mentor can help
  • Improve grades
  • Increase peer acceptance
  • Create more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed
*Sources: MENTOR: The National Mentor Partnership,, The Role of Risk | Mentoring Experiences and Outcomes for Youth with Varying Risk Profiles 02/2013 Carla Herrera, David L. DuBois, Jean Grossman
more likely to participate regularly in sports or extracurricular activities
more likely to hold
leadership positions

Meet our
all-star high
school mentors

Mentors are local high school student excelling in science, math, sports, music, the arts and more. We help your child to gain skills and confidence to succeed in and out of the classroom for the rest of their lives.

Imagine the advantages of your child having a mentor who was in their exact position just a few years ago.
In just 1 - 2 hours a week, see your K - 8th grade child’s skills, character and confidence 
grow tremendously.
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Improve Grades

Athletic image c83945437bce9f649de1091c323585fe95fd7036535fba3719d5390ca24d06f4

Sharpen Athletic Skills

Confidence image b733617ba341ff0ec1b86c7c9bb9979a83f667afc15ada970f7e96fa3437fde4

Gain confidence

Boys book bc497dd57e023e4b0c4eabc70e8474b20eda8b406a42fb1be099b7e0ad36d6cf

Focus Better

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Advance Talent

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Nurture Unique Gifts

How It Works

Choose an area your child needs help with, and our powerful matching system takes care of the rest. See improvements with affordable, planned sessions in just 1 - 2 hours each week.


Customized Matching

Choose the academic and extracurricular focus for your child, and we will match them with a local H.S. student who excels in those same subjects and activities. Our mentors are carefully screened for academic prowess and skill aptitude, along with character references and a desire to be a positive influence.


Planned Sessions Tailored
 For Your Child’s Needs

Sessions take place after school or on weekends. Sessions of 1.5 hours are optimal to ensure homework gets done, and enough time is left for sports, instruments, games, projects, and other activities, along with time to bond and talk about challenges and opportunities your child encounters both in and out of the classroom. Vary session length and frequency based on what works for you and your mentor!


Whole Child Support

Our Role Model Mentors provide positive reinforcement for your children outside of the classroom, preparing them to contend with modern day challenges of social media and other social pressures.


Our Free App Makes
 It Simple!

  • Schedule, chat, and receive session recaps.
  • Set goals and measure improvement.
  • Celebrate success and milestones.

It’s all here, and specifically designed to simplify your experience and support your child’s success.


Support your child on an ongoing basis for substantially less than the cost of an adult tutor, music teacher or coach.
Basic Program Advanced Program
$99 / mo Popular $149 / mo
4 Sessions
 per month 1h each 1.5h each
Classes or subjects Single Multiple
Skills or 
activities developed Single Multiple
Positive Reinforcement & Confidence
Study Habits, Organization
 & Focus
Life coaching & social
Overall Academic Performance
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Success Stories

Mentors support the “whole child”, combining the benefits of a tutor, a sports trainer, and a music teacher with other extracurricular development for a fraction of the cost of adults, while providing better results.

Success image 1 copy eb67bab9112dfdf38d323d4ce7fd4a9491fb87f2e013fbedfa1102e16fc1351e

Gavin, Grade 5

Mentor Andrew

“Andrew helped Gavin develop his musical talents to start a band and allowed him to form closer connections with his peers.”

Success image 2 copy 43d3091345a3063d6f97cb15e4e173ccbc76548bf5db85ecccc5141160523d8b

Emma, Grade 8

Mentor Rachel

“In 1 month, Rachel helped Emma improve in Math by 2 grades, making hard concepts seem effortless.”

Success image 3 copy daf60a46c30da24b39f980573b97ee47e8ef0611d48177378dd1df8a7f09e6b2

Sam, Grade 6

Mentor Conor

“Conor advised Sam on being responsible in high school, while sharing a passion for sports and doing homework together.”

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