The Summer
Learning Gap

It is well documented that in the summer, in the absence of activity to specifically prevent it, young students will regress in math, reading comprehension, and other skills developed during the prior school year.

According to studies by the NSLA, The New York Times and Harvard University, this sets students back back a few months annually, and is thought to be one of the major reasons why the U.S. lags so many other industrialized nations in key measurements of student aptitude throughout virtually all grade levels.

A Valuable Learning Opportunity

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Retain & Sustain

A mentor can play a key role in preventing academic regression, ensuring the competencies developed during the prior school year are retained, and helping their mentee hit the new school year in stride.

Additionally, by also including sports, music or other hobbies in their summer sessions, they can also continue their skill and aptitude development in their chosen extracurricular activities, better preparing them for fall sport seasons, tryouts, auditions, and the like.

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Plan Flexible Sessions

These sessions can be spread across the summer, or, in instances where either the mentor or mentee are unavailable for extended periods (for instance camp or summer family vacation), they can be compressed into a few days here or there, or concentrated into the last week or two prior to school beginning.

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Summer is NOT the time to cancel or defer mentoring services, on the contrary, it’s a time when having a Role Model Mentor can be MOST valuable. This includes helping your child prepare for what’s next in the coming school year, which is always different than the prior year, especially if your child is moving up from elementary to middle, or middle to high school.

If you’re interested in getting started during the summer, or need help to continue mentoring services in the summer, give us a call!