Role Model Mentors is a wonderful program! Our boys (elementary age) couldn't be happier with their mentor. We've been matched with a young high school leader who is very strong academically, plays varsity soccer, and most importantly, is just a genuinely positive and kind person. Our boys really enjoy their weekly session with their mentor-improving their soccer skills, homework help, or reading books together."
-Megan and Chris Couri

What a great experience! The balance of working on academics and having fun with a mentor is perfect. Our daughter enjoys the time she spends with her mentor. Thank you Role Model Mentors!"
-The Trinkaus Family

Both of my kids have enjoyed their time with Eliza and Ty. They both are super patient and positive with the kids. They always come over with a plan of what they want to accomplish with the kids - whether it's homework or extra math practice, a new game (like chess), or taking them outside to practice a sport and get some exercise. And the best part is they both have made real connections with my kids in such a short amount of time. I can definitely see them becoming a positive force in my kids' lives going forward."
-Michelle Briody

Role Model Mentors is making a big difference for our family. We have two different mentors that work with our children (one in middle school and the other in elementary school). It's been very impressive-our kids have really connected with their mentors whether it be through soccer or lacrosse drills they run in our yard, homework help, prepping for tests, or just bonding over a game of Scrabble. Our kids always look forward to spending time with their mentors."
-Hyla Giordano